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Cosmetic Lounge 

Empowering Beauty in Individuality

Golden Hour Cosmetic Lounge is an aesthetic clinic located in Launceston. Golden Hour provides cosmetic injectables and natural skin treatments that target the signs of ageing, facial balancing, skin quality, beautification & other aesthetic concerns. In clinic complimentary consultations are provided to discuss your aesthetic concerns, wants and needs. Here we can develop a personalised treatment plan that is tailored specifically to you as an individual to achieve your aesthetic goals. Golden Hour values taking the time to provide in-depth education on the benefits, aftercare, side effects, risks and complications of every procedure. Delivering quality care that will leave you feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on life face forward. See below for the treatments offered in clinic.

Treatments available

Golden Hour offers consultations for treatments of your aesthetic concerns. If you are unsure what treatment you are after, you can book a complimentary consultation below.


fines lines and wrinkles

Treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face and/or neck. Places such as your frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet are popular.



Treating lip volume, asymmetry, shape, definition, lip lines and provides structure & hydration.



Cheek treatments can restore volume,improve definition, decrease appearance of eye lines, lift tissues and balance the face. 


other areas 

Target other areas of the face. Treating under eyes, lower face volume loss, jaw definition loss, sagging skin, facial asymmetry, jaw tension, decreased chin projection and more..

a real life women with smooth clear skin

skin texture, tone & hydration 

Improve your skin quality by treating dull & dry skin, uneven skin tone, scars, collagen loss, crepey skin and/or fine lines & wrinkles.

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Platelet rich plasma

PRP skin needling is beneficial for all skin types and has multiple benefits. This treatment stimulates collagen & elastin. Smooths skin tone & texture, scar reduction and more..


ageing concerns

This consultation can assist in finding the treatments for your ageing concerns. We can discuss any treatments you are curious about and receive education around the ageing process.


complimentary consultation

This is a general chat about what your aesthetic concerns are. You can ask about treatments you are curious about and be provided with a treatment plan tailored to you. If you are unsure which to book.. start here!

why choose Golden Hour?

Committed to Beauty and Wellness

We all want to look and feel our best. This industry has an extensive range of treatments out there that address aesthetic concerns promising the world and delivering false promises. This can be overwhelming and it is difficult to trust what will actually deliver good results. At Golden Hour Cosmetic Lounge, this is made stress free by having a welcoming and open space to ask questions and be curios. Golden Hour values providing in depth consultations & education on services available in clinic ensuring you safe and quality care. For more information on experience and history about Golden Hour, head to the about section on the homepage.

Face Mask

" Embrace your unique qualities, true beauty is found in individuality" 


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Located: Inside the QV tower
Level 1 Room 4 
11 High Street, East Launceston 
7250, Tasmnia

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